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Nicole Andrijevic & Tanya Schultz – Candyland

Nicole Andrijevic & Tanya Schultz - art

Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz have collaborated to create this amazing Candyland in the middle of the gallery floor. They are Australian artistic duo “Pip&Pop” constructing these intricately patterned floor installations made of colourful sweets mixed with glitter, beads, modelling clay, wax, polystyrene, wire, toys, sand, and other equally vibrant found objects. Up close, the mounds of dyed sugar are decorated with pearl beads, bright mushrooms, and animal figurines. Throughout history there has been a long tradition of depicting journeys through imaginary lands and utopian worlds. These sculptural treats are inspired by the rich history of other worlds as told through mythologies, Japanese folk tales, literature, and ancient cosmologies. They are like a sugary version of Japanese pop art with cartoonish shapes and eye-popping colors.

Nicole Andrijevic & Tanya Schultz - blue

Nicole Andrijevic & Tanya Schultz - sweet installation

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Sonará ritmo joven en el Zócalo

Serán 32 bandas las que se presenten en esta edición durante cuatro días: del 21 al 24 de agosto, refirió la titular del instituto capitalino, María Fernanda Olvera durante la presentación del cartel oficial.

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de todo un poco

       Tweet 22 Little Kids And Their Big Dogs


Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, larger or even giant dog breeds can make especially good family friends, loving and protecting your children as their own. And, as this list illustrates, they look absolutely adorable together!

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