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Unsettling Ceramic Tableware by Ronit Baranga Incorporates Realistic Mouths and Fingersby Johnny Strategy on January 28, 2015


Israeli ceramicist Ronit Baranga‘s “body of work” is unsettling, to say the least. Sculpted from clay, realistic fingers emerge from plates while mouths lurk inside cups. The gnarled fingers and lips seem poised for action. We would most certainly hesitate before using any of these for fear of being bitten.


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Por el camino de la música

Darán boleto de Metro o Metrobús a cambio de sentadillas

Arriba y abajo

Si no tienes lana para el boleto del Metro o Metrobús e incluso si sólo quieres activarte un poco, la Secretaría de Salud del DF puso en marcha un programa donde a cambio de 10 sentadillas podrás obtener una entrada a cualquiera de estos transportes públicos.

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de todo un poco

Pixelated Hair Is The Newest Cutting-Edge Trend


X-Presion, a cutting-edge (no pun intended) hair salon in Madrid, has pioneered an interesting new pixelated hair coloring technique that has the internet abuzz.  It’s not yet clear how this marriage of digital art with real-world hair styling holds up once you leave the salon, but plenty of people have already tried it out. What do you think of this new style?

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